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Estela is what I'm called by peoples. I'm too random to be into one fandom alone. Awesome ladies are my shit. I'm going to become a sailor moon crystal blog when it premieres, you have been warned! I'm a shitty person. I talk shit and start shit, just ignore me when I rant about shitty things. SPORTS ANIMES ARE THE BEST ANIMES! Aomine Daiki ruined my life, Lois Lane gave me life and Jessica Jones is the shit. I reblog more manga/anime then comics so my name is a lie.


Because Pitbulls need love too.

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ep 10 

she couldn’t possibly still be with that lizard!?…


whenever i’m sad i remember i will be alive when woody allen dies

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tatiana maslany’s birthday and the emmys are on the same day.

one of them is an important event celebrating talent and the other is the emmys

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niiyama girl's high school
niiyama girl's high school

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young akira midousuji  

Kinjou, can you truly say that you are strong?. The rules of the Inter-High are simple: finish the first, second and third stage in the shortest time possible. The first school to arrive at the finish line wins. It’s a team battle, some will sacrifice themselves to help one man win. But ultimately, the strongest riders will win. Sorry, Kinjou. I am strong.

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Virtually every dog relishes a loving scratch behind the ears and some sweet, vocal praise. But dogs identified as pit bulls get a bad reputation and a lot less love.

Try not to cry as you read the full stories behind these heroic pit bulls here. 

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Thank You, μ’s

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DC Selfie Variants

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El Patrón

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why fall in love when you can fall back asleep??

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